Behind The Chutes – Jason Dittmann

By: Kacie Albert  Wednesday, August 25, 2021 @ 9:04 AM

Some of DIttmann's standout bulls include Cattle King Boogers Beach, Reloaded and Ranga.

In the sport of bull riding, there are two athletes in every out – rider and bull.

With the league’s animal athletes holding such a crucial role in the sport, it is without question that the PBR’s devoted stock contractors are pivotal to bull riding’s continued growth.

Today we catch up with Jason Dittmann, and while most people are fast to think of Cattle King Boogers Beach when the Dittmann name is mentioned, his team also has a deep drop of up-and-coming animal athlete superstars.

Marking the third installment of Behind The Chutes, hear from Dittmann about the importance of ABBI competitions and who are some bulls fans should be on the lookout for in the coming seasons.

Miss the first editions of Behind The Chutes? Click here to read the first installment when we caught up with Troy Keliher, and here for the second when we profiled Mitch Russell. You have several bulls that hail from Troy and Holly Keliher. What qualities in specific have drawn you to their bulls?

Jason Dittmann: Their breeding program they have here in Australia is one of the best, the quality of the bulls they produce is outstanding.

PBRA: You have a large crop of bulls that have found success in the ABBI Futurity competitions. Can you tell us about a few of those bulls?

JD: Reloaded is currently one of our favourites that has come up the ABBI ranks, along with Roid Rage and Ranga who are both outstanding bulls and now some of the leading bulls in the PBR.

PBRA: What sparked your interest in becoming a stock contractor, specifically for bucking bulls?

JD: I started off riding when I was young and was never really that good at it. But I always wanted to stay involved in the sport that I loved, so I put a little pen together and the rest is history.

PBRA: ABBI is the chance for young bovine athletes to begin their competitive careers. What value do these events bring for stock contractors? And how do they help the nation continue to improve its quality caliber of bulls?

JD: The ABBI is a great way to start our young bulls moving forward and finding that special one amongst the pack. The events that are being held and showcasing these bulls are second to none and are really helping contractors find and purchase great little bulls as well.

PBRA: What is your most memorable moment from competing in ABBI events?

JD: It would have to be winning the Heritage in 2019 with 821 Deadly Venom. He has turned out to be an amazing bull and will be hitting the PBR circuit next year.

PBRA: Who was the first standout bull from your program? Tell us a little bit about his career?

JD: That would have to be Reloaded who I purchased from Troy and Holly Keliher. He is one of our short go bulls and there are a few more coming in his footsteps through the ABBI at the moment.

PBRA: Who are a few bulls you think will be the next stars from your pen? Tell us a bit about them?

JD: Deadly Venom, Yellowstone and Screamen Demon would have to be my top pick just to name a few. All coming up the ranks and purchased from Troy and Holly Keihler. All of our bulls are superb athletes. Here at Team Dittmann we treat all our bulls like our kids, they’re definitely a huge part of our family.