PBR Origin Moves to Cairns with Queensland chasing a clean sweep

By: Sean Walsh  Thursday, July 11, 2024 @ 5:22 PM


Heading into Cairns this weekend fans are in for an electric end to 2024 series off the back of Queensland's late fightback snatching victory from the jaws of defeat after a gallant New South Wales effort in Origin II at Newcastle. Whilst the winner of the series has been decided, fans eagerly await for the final battle of the series determining whether Queensland can record a clean sweep, or if the NSW team can claw one back in the tropics and who will be crowned Cowboy of Origin.


Scroll down to catch the matchups heading into this weekend.

PBR Origin Round II: Newcastle Recap

Queensland captain Macaulie Leather got the Queenslanders off to the strongest start possible in enemy territory, gaining a score for the defending champions on their first out for the second straight event.

Leather matched Money Time (MC Bucking Bulls) jump for jump into his hand for an 81-point grading to give the Queenslanders the lead as the opening round got going at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

Thomas Hudson chalked up a PBR Origin career high in Round 1, taking young bovine superstar Taquito from the Maynes Bucking Bulls pen around to the left into the hand of the Cowboy for 84.50 points, giving NSW their first score.

PBRA veteran Beau Willis was then able to swing things back in the direction of the Maroons, taking Bad Deal to the whistle for 84.25 points and taking Queensland a bull ahead.

With the final two outs of Round 1 coming from the men in blue chaps, Clint Glass was able to gain the advantage for his fellow New South Welshman, showing absolute perfection into his hand for 85 points courtesy of Lazy G's MSG Locating Filthy Rich.

With Diego Galdino offered a re-ride after Mouth of the South (Diamond S) collected some chute gate with his hip, the Brazilian superstar shared the chute with Poker Face and made the most of the second opportunity, being adjudicated an 84.5-point score for his successful trip to the eight.

Heading into Round 2 with an 88.75 point advantage, NSW captain Lachlan Richardson took his Blues to a two-bull lead, covering Turbo from the ST Bucking Bulls pen.

The Gresford product was flawless around to the left away from his hand for 86 points, taking Richardson to #1 all-time in PBR Origin qualified rides by a New South Wales rider.

After some bovine domination at the back of the opening section of Round 2, Rylee Ward was able to narrow the gap for the Queenslanders with a dominate 85.25-point trip, with Da Bear (Lazy G Pukallus Partnership) providing plenty for the young gun to work with into his hand.

Ward's teammate Lane Mellers followed suit shortly after, giving Queensland another score and pushing closer to the home side with Even Up (Morgy's Cattle Co) spinning both directions during the ride, with Mellers able to tick over 85 more points for his team.

Clint Glass jammed NSW back to a full bull lead by covering his second consecutive bull of the event, with Crooked Intentions (Morgy's Cattle Co) turning back at the halfway mark to give Glass an 84.25-point grading from the four judges.


As true to Queensland culture and a never-say-die attitude (yes, the author is a Queenslander!), Ben Bode wouldn't let his team go into the Extra Round without another score.


Paired with MJ / Keliher Bucking Bull's Paintbox after deciding to take a re-ride after the 71 points on Wild Dreams (ST Bucking Bulls) weren't enough for the Queensland to be satisfied, Bode found his stride on the bucker and grabbed 86 more for his Maroons.


With the Extra-Outs upon the Hunter region crowd, the Blues held a 425.25 to 421.75 point lead after both teams successfully nabbed five scores a piece.

It would be Boston Leather, Lane Mellers, Rylee Ward, and Ben Bode to nod their heads for Queensland in the Bonus Round, while across the other side of the equation Diego Galdino, Thomas Hudson, Lachlan Richardson, and Clint Glass to try and defend the home team's small lead.

Current Australian #1 ranked PBR rider Boston Leather gained his first PBR Origin ride in the first out of extras with Midnight Special (Diamond S) never settling into a consistent trip, Leather doing enough to hear the horn for 79 points.

Rylee Ward was able to get a second bull of the event ticked off on his rider tally, gaining the Queenslanders a further lead heading into the last two outs from NSW, by getting by Spit n Grit (MJ / Keliher Bucking Bulls) for 82.75 points.

Lachlan Richardson again showed why he was a recipient of the NSW captain armband, giving the Blues a chance to stay in the fight with an eight-second display of grit and determination with End Game (Maynes Bucking Bulls).

The bovine made it an uneasy journey to the whistle for Richardson, but the seven-time PBR World Finals qualifier gained 86.75 more for the Blues to get within 73.5 points heading into the final two outs.

After Morgy's Cattle Co. superstar bovine Man Glitter ejected Ben Bode in 5.73 seconds on the way to an event-topping 43.75-point Bull Score, it was all left to Clint Glass, who unfortunately was unable to get a score for the home team and hand Queensland Origin II and 2024 PBR Origin trophy.

Queensland Captain Macualie Leather was proud of the way his team was able to fight back after a slow start-

“It wasn’t from lack of effort, both teams tried really hard, but happy with the outcome,” said Leather. 


“It’s always good to have someone to chase, but I said to the boys we’ve still got it, and they went out and executed it perfectly.


Meanwhile NSW Captain Lachlan Richardson was quick to praise his men and commented on the challenge Cairns will bring in Origin III-

“You never want to go down with a loss, but there’s so much we take out of that,” said Richardson.

“I’m very proud. There’s always stuff to work on even when you stay on so we’ll go back, regroup and have more fun than anyone else.

PBR ORIGIN Round III: Cairns - Ones to watch

Lane Mellers on Pretty Boy (Dittmann Bucking Bulls) 

This is a fantastic round one matchup to watch for with the two PBR athletes having gone toe to toe twice previously, with the bovine sitting 2-0. 

Look for the Queenslander to try and even the score on Saturday. 

Lachlan Slade on Cattle King Reload (Dittmann Bucking Bulls) 

Slade was able to get the better of the bovine in Brisbane's edition of PBR Origin in 2021, with the star bull going onto bigger and better things.

Lachlan has been a vital cog for NSW and will need to bring his A Game for NSW to avoid a clean sweep.