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The love between a mother and her child is unfathomable; as too are the lengths she’ll go to support her child’s dreams. 45-year-old Julie Kleier is the essence of what a mother should be, and then some. Watching her son, 19-year-old Aaron Kleier, climb atop a cantankerous bucking bull hell bent in getting him off its back is something she’s learnt to come to grips with, although it doesn’t lessen the fear and nerves involved.

“Aaron was 14 when he started riding. At 16 and 17 he won the title at the Young Guns and the Top Guns for junior bull rider, at 17 he won the CRCA junior bull rider title, and at 18 he came 3rd at the Charters Towers New Years Eve PBR event, as well as winning 2 PBR events this year.

I’m so proud he’s setting goals and doing everything he can to achieve them. Watching him in the arena is not for the weak at heart, but I will support him, no matter what.

All I can do is pray for the best when he goes out there and be there for him, throughout the highs of winning and the lows of not making the eight seconds. Because that’s what a mother does.

“ With four children, Travis 21, Aaron 19, Kelsey 17 and Lana 15, all of which Julie assisted with distance education until they flew the nest to attend boarding School, as well as helping to run the family’s 56000 acre property, Luxor, near Clermont, where she and her husband breed bucking bulls, understandably Julie finds it hard to steal a minute to herself. But that’s how she likes it.

Stealing a bit of time to read before she heads to bed is her way of finding time for herself amongst the demands of her everyday life as a mother and wife.

“In June last year my husband and I packed our bags and travelled to Texas to watch Aaron competing. We had the time of our lives. One of the days, I sat and watched 11 hours of bull riding.’ She laughs. ‘That was a very long day, but commitment is needed by all of us, for Aaron’s sake.”

Julie is also the secretary for AHSRA, Australian High School Rodeo Association, and each year for the past 4 years she and her husband have taken groups of up to ten 15-year-olds over to New Zealand to compete.

‘I love doing it. There’s so much to be gained from watching these young people succeed.”

Supportive, caring, kind-hearted and devoted, Julie is a super-mum, steadfast in being there to watch Aaron, and her other 3 children, make their dreams realities. And if that means sitting on the sidelines as the eight seconds tick by as if hours, clinging to the edge of her seat while her son clings to a belligerent one tonne beast all in the hope of reaching his end goal of competing in the PBR World Finals one day, then that’s exactly what she will do.


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