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In the PBR, the bulls are treated with as much respect as, if not more than, the human athletes who ride them. The PBR’s Animal Welfare Policy exemplifies the great regard in which everyone associated with the organization holds these athletes, as well as explains the care they receive as professional athletes.

There are two great athletes in every 8-second ride, the bull rider and THE BULL.

The Professional Bull Riders is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, welfare and respect of each bovine athlete that enters a PBR arena. The care and treatment of PBR bulls is a top priority to those who govern and/or participate in PBR events. The organization operates under a no tolerance policy for any mistreatment of an animal associated with the PBR.

PBR Safety & Welfare Measures

PBR has proactively initiated and implemented a number of measures designed to foster and support the welfare of our bovine athletes.

  • PBR redesigned the traditional rodeo bucking chute to improve rider and bull safety. Since it was implementation, the design has eliminated leg injuries suffered by bulls in the bucking chutes, which is the most common form of injury.
  • PBR redesigned the traditional rodeo lead-up alleys and holding areas to further mitigate the risk of injuries to the bulls.
  • With the sport’s stock contractors, the PBR establish guidelines for the transportation of bulls to and from events, including but not limited to:
    • Bulls ride in trailers with air-ride suspensions to reduce the risk of injury during transportation.
    • Bulls are hauled for no more than 10 hours at a time and given an equal amount of time to rest before resuming travel.
    • In each city in which an event is conducted, bulls are housed at local facilities with the proper pen size and space per bull. Bulls are trucked from the local facility to the event venue and back each day.

The value of the bulls to the stock contractors who own and breed them and to the PBR helps ensure that every effort and safeguard is in place to protect the bulls from any mistreatment or situation that would adversely affect their quality of life, ability to continue competing or their futures as breeding bulls.


It is extremely rare that a PBR bull is injured as a result of its performance, however bulls that suffer a career-ending injury are retired to stud and live the balance of their lives as healthy, fully capable breeding bulls. While their injuries may prevent them from competing at the PBR level as a bucking athlete, they do not impede their quality of life or ability to function.

PBR policy for injured bulls:

  • At PBR Australia events there is a large animal vet on site at all times during the performances.
  • In most cases involving injuries with bulls in arena the bulls are able to leave on their own.
  • In the case of a bull not being able to leave on his own power, PBR has the ability to assist and insure a safe departure of the injured bull.
  • At all events, a sled is available upon which the bull is secured and taken from the arena.
  • After an injured bull has exited the arena, he is put upon a trailer and taken to the veterinarian’s office for further evaluation.
  • In the case of serious injuries requiring assisted help from outside the arena, updates to the bull’s condition will be released to the public upon PBR’s approval.

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